Business Lines of Credit vs Business Credit Cards

The two most common ways of financing a business is by getting a business line of credit or a business credit card. For some people, there’s not much difference with these two methods but is this true?
Their Similarities
First, let’s talk about the similarities between these two. In both methods, the borrower is given a revolving credit and a pre-set credit limit. In both methods, the borrower is also charged with the interest only on outstanding balances.
In both cases, a person’s credit rating will determine whether or not he will qualify without the need to submit a security or collateral. If you’re still establishing your business credit, both options will also help you build your business credit. (more…)
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Reward Credit Cards – Benefit While Building Credit

Credit card companies love to make new and exciting offers to invite more prospects to apply and to keep their existing clients as well. The close competition between these credit card companies drive each one to come up with the best promotions, better deals, and bigger prizes.
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Smart Christmas Shopping with Your Credit Card

Christmas season is once again here. And as a tradition, gift giving is also just around the corner. Most consumers prefer to use their credit cards when shopping for gifts. They are safer to carry around when shopping and more convenient as well. Nevertheless, credit cards should also be used with care. Consider the following credit card tips for your Christmas shopping and get the most of what your credit cards have to offer:
Take advantage of 0% rate offers. When shopping for a season, it’s best to use a credit card that has a low interest rate or even a zero APR. Most credit cards offer 0% APR from six months to a full year so if your current credit cards don’t give you that flexibility, it’s smart to get a credit card with a low interest advantage. (more…)
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Safeguard Your Credit Card from Fraud and Identity Theft

Are you thinking about doing your shopping online? Well, why not? Shopping online is not only convenient; you can also avail of the best items at lower prices. But before you place your order, make sure that you are aware about Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft. Although these crimes can also be done offline, the internet makes it easier for these scammers to steal people’s identity and use them in fraud.
Phishing Scams
“Phishing” is one of the most commonly used tricks that scammers use in stealing personal information from unsuspecting people. Phishing scams have been known to exist back in the 1990s and have grown prevalent ever since. How is a “phishing” done?
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Does Your Credit Score Matter?

Does it really matter whether or not you have a good credit score? There are some people who do not give much attention about the status of their credit while some doesn’t even bother building a credit score of their own. But does it really make a difference? To answer this question more objectively, let us first talk about what a credit score is.
What is a credit score?
Since 1971, the government has made a provision for all consumers the right to check their financial records for accuracy through the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The credit score is the calculation of all records in your credit history. The Fair Isaac and Company has set a standard criteria in calculating one’s credit score which is also known as the FICO score. This is the system of scoring used by credit bureaus today and is accepted by […]Read More

How to Use Your Credit Card Points

Competition among credit card companies is a great advantage for consumers. Credit card rewards are made bigger and better by credit card issuers to make sure that consumers would choose them over their competitors. How can you use your credit card rewards points effectively and get the most out of your rewards credit cards?
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Tips on Using Credit Card Rewards Wisely

Many people are opting to obtain reward credit cards. And why not? Credit Card Rewards are a great way to enjoy bonuses and perks while using credit cards at the same. Different credit card issuers offer various types of credit card rewards to give something back to their customers.
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